Make a picture only two colors in Gimp | Tutorial

Make a picture only two colors in Gimp

Make a picture only two colors in Gimp

The other day we got a question in the YouTube comments about how to make a picture only two colors in Gimp. Since we always like to produce content directly for our viewers, today we would like to look at how you can create this stamp effect in Gimp, where the contrast offers just two colors and must represent the image. The editing is not that difficult if you know the procedure. So in the end it is more about the operation of the sliders and the selection of suitable colors. The rest is a matter of taste and also depends a bit on the lighting of the image.

Viewers wanted an explanation of the Gimp stamp filter

This post is a good example of what our channel stands for. Our content is clearly geared towards the community. Therefore, if you have questions, don’t be afraid to ask them in the YouTube comments and get answers. In addition, you not only help yourself, but perhaps many others who had the same question. From therefore also worth a commitment!

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Load the desired image into Gimp
  • Go to “Colors” -> Threshold
  • Adjust the slider in the middle so that the outlines of faces or important objects are clearly visible
  • At the edges you can use the slider to reduce the range from the darkest to the lightest tone
  • With both methods it is worth trying out. The direct preview allows to check directly if the change was useful
  • Go to “Colors” -> Colorize
  • Set the Lightness to about 0.2
  • Now select the appropriate color via the slider at Hue
  • Done!

Reducing an image to two colors in Gimp is very easy. We hope that you have understood the procedure so that you can also master the pitfalls of each individual image. In any case, have fun and success with your Gimp projects!

Video tutorial:

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