How to pixelate in Gimp | Tutorial

How to pixelate in Gimp

How to pixelate in Gimp

Whether you’re taking a public photo or a room that’s not tidy, censoring with Gimp can be useful in some cases to prevent the viewer of the image from seeing certain things. For example, you could use Gimp to pixelate faces if you want to make public recordings available to the public afterwards without violating the personal rights of the persons. But also for license plates or other areas in the image it can be the appropriate solution to pixelate with Gimp. We will show you exactly how to use the tools for this in this post!

Censor with Gimp – here’s how:

In the free image editing program, the “Blur” function is particularly useful for this. This allows different settings, so that a fairly “coarse” setting ensures that the image becomes very pixelated. However, you can also use the function for zenithalizing with fine settings, although this tends to produce a blurred effect.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • In Gimp, select the area you want to pixelate. Use the selection tool that you find most useful
  • For a more precise selection, you may want to use the Lasso tool
  • Right-click in the selected area
  • Go to Filter -> Blur -> Pixelize
  • Select the pixel width and pixel height according to your needs (for large images a larger value is necessary)
  • The preview shows you directly how the new values affect the image
  • Press OK and the area is pixelated
  • Done!

As you can see, pixelating is not difficult, since the blur tool does the work and you can work with a handy preview. Therefore, if you want to pixelate a Gimp image, you will probably have the hardest time selecting the areas (there are several tools available for this) so that only what you don’t want to show is pixelated. We wish you good luck now!

Video tutorial:

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