How to make text with transparent background in Gimp | Tutorial

How to make text with transparent background in Gimp

How to make text with transparent background in Gimp

With Gimp you can create text that you can also use for other projects such as a video. But of course this has to be done with a transparent background so that it fits into the video in a visually appealing way. So today we will show you how to make text with a transparent background in Gimp. Because with transparent images it also depends on the image format, because not every format offers these possibilities. But we will tell you more about that!

Create Gimp text with transparent background – here’s how:

Creating text is actually not difficult. It is important that you create an alpha channel for your layer and that you export the image later as a png. jpg files (as an example) do not support transparency, so such areas are simply displayed white after the export. Therefore pay attention to the necessary details!

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Create a new project / image in Gimp
  • Right click on the layer and select “Delete layer”
  • Select the text tool, click into the layer and write the desired text
  • With the Crop tool you can trim the layer accordingly
  • Go to “File” -> Export to”
  • Give it a title and set .png as filetype below
  • Done!

With these simple tricks, you can quickly and easily prepare any text for all your projects. We used to do this for our video projects as well, so we can speak with experience here. We wish you a lot of fun and success with all your Gimp projects!

Video tutorial:

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