How to install a Gimp plugin | Tutorial

How to install a Gimp plugin

How to install a Gimp plugin

Gimp offers many useful functions for image editing out of the box, and it’s completely free. But there are many more functions that have been created by fan projects. If you want know how to install a Gimp plugin, you may be faced with the question of how this works, because in Gimp itself there is no setting option that supports you in this process. Therefore, we would like to explain in this article how to install such a Gimp plugin and what else you have to pay attention to.

There are a number of different plugins for Gimp:

DDS Plugin, HDR or Arrow Plugin are just a few examples of the additional functions that can be obtained in Gimp. Due to new technical possibilities, new interesting tools are made available again and again, so that a visit to a suitable plugin page can also be worthwhile at regular intervals. We will keep this short and show you how to install the plugin. We will then leave the browsing of the databases entirely up to you!

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Download the appropriate plugin from the provider
  • Gimp plugins are usually executable files. Launch the file and run the installation
  • If Gimp was open during the installation, you have to restart the program now
  • Done!

Where can I find the plugins and how can I uninstall it?

  • Go to “Windows Start” -> your user -> the Gimp folder -> plug-ins
  • Select the desired plugin
  • Restart Gimp
  • Done!

Installing or removing a plug-in in Gimp is thus possible in a few moments. We always advise a little caution here, so that you only download plugins from trusted sources and thus protect your computer. Beyond that, there is not much to say and therefore we wish you a lot of fun with the newly gained features and good luck with all your Gimp projects.

Video tutorial:

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