Gimp Sin City effect | Tutorial

Gimp Sin City effect

Gimp Sin City effect

Almost all of us have seen the movie Sin City. And even if you haven’t, you know the effect that is so distinctive from it, where an image is in black and white with only one color. This has its own charm and provides a special focus. In this article we would like to show you how to implement the Sin City effect in Gimp, so that you can also use it for your own projects. Of course, you can choose yourself which color should remain, so that the procedure can be implemented for any project.

This is what you should look for in the Sin City effect in Gimp:

The only thing that is particularly important, in our opinion, is the selected color. Striking shades make this effect so interesting, so a bright red, blue or green are especially suitable. Since yellow is already quite bright again, the effect does not come out so strongly, which of course does not mean that it can not work well. We therefore also recommend trying out a little with the colors,

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Load the image in Gimp
  • Right click on the layer and select “New from visible”
  • Select the new layer and go to Colors -> Saturation
  • Select the point in the selection where you like the gray tone best and press OK
  • If you now cut away (or erase) parts of the gray layer, the original shines through in color and creates the SinCity effect
  • So use for example the Lasso tool or the Eraser to remove the areas of the image that you want to be highlighted in color
  • Done!

We hope that with this post you learned how to give an image in Gimp just one color and the rest black and white. However, if you have further questions or your own tutorial request, just leave us a message on our Youtube channel. This way we can react faster and write appropriate posts for you!

Video tutorial:

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