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Gimp resize image

Gimp resize image

No matter if you want to change the image size or use additional features – Gimp is a photo editing program with many possibilities. Therefore you can decide if you want to scale the size of the layer or if you want to resize the image with Gimp. If you want to change the whole image format, this has the advantage that there are no free spaces left. Therefore it is important to know if you want to scale a layer or if you want to resize the whole image with a graphics program. With this tutorial we will take a look at the second option, because it is a bit hidden and therefore probably raises bigger questions. If you have further questions about how to use the graphics program beyond that, you might also want to have a look at our Gimp Tutorials, with which we have already helped many users. We are also happy to include your ideas for the production of new tutorials and videos. So just get in touch!

How to resize an image in Gimp?

Gimp has a big advantage for you even as a beginner: the graphics program is free and can be tested without any risk. Many beginners therefore start with Gimp, learn the basics and techniques and later use programs like Adobe Photoshop. So you learn first how to cut a picture with Gimp and later in Photoshop very complex workflows. If you don’t have great artistic ambitions, Gimp will last a lifetime, because it has many functions for image editing.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Load your desired image into Gimp
  • To resize an image, the “Scale tool” is not the right tool, because it only adjusts the layer
  • Go to “Image” -> “Scale Image”
  • Select the desired image size and press “Scale”
  • This slightly modified method actually changes the dimensions of the image itself, while the Scale tool can only change the layer size
  • Done!

Very simple, isn’t it? No matter if you want to enlarge or reduce a Gimp image – with the appropriate background knowledge and a little routine such tasks can be solved in a few seconds. Please note that changing the size of an image with the Gimp may have an effect on the quality. Especially when you want to enlarge an image, pixels are stretched, so that images quickly look pixelated. So you should not overdo it with the enlargement. And now let’s get to work and have fun making it!

Video tutorial:

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