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Gimp outline text

Gimp outline text

If you have ever tried to create a project in Gimp that includes text in the image, you may have noticed that it is sometimes difficult to read the text. You can get around this problem, however, if you have Gimp outline the text. This way, the text stands out strongly from the background by adding an extra border. However, it’s not like there’s a simple function for this in Gimp. Nevertheless, we have found an elegant solution that is just a little bit around the corner and can still be implemented in a few seconds. So let yourself be surprised!

This is how you can outline text in Gimp:

Since there is no direct function for text outlining in Gimp, we use the following trick. We create another, slightly larger layer, which stands out well from the text and the background because of its color. We then move this behind our text and it looks like we have created a text border. The only challenge, however, is to fill only one layer that has the shape of the text. But exactly for this Gimp offers the appropriate functions, so that we can quickly reach our goal. It is only important to make the right selection.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • In Gimp, first write some text into your composition using the Text tool
  • Right-click on your text layer and select “Select from Alpha Channel”
  • Click on “Selection” -> Grow
  • Select the appropriate size and press OK. The magnification is very individual, depending on how big your image and font is. Try it out a little bit
  • Click on “Layer” -> New layer
  • Choose a suitable size for the new layer. It can be as big as the complete image. But it must not be smaller than the font
  • Select “Transparency” as layer fill type and click OK
  • Choose the color you want and use the fill tool (Shift + B)
  • Now fill the selection on the transparent layer
  • At last drag the original text layer in the layer window so far upwards that it is above the magnification
  • Done!

So, are you amazed at how easy it is to solve for a type border in Gimp? We were back then, too. And we were even more amazed at the fact that there wasn’t actually a good tutorial in 2014 that tried to address the problem. So you can say that the Gimp type margin was also one of our building blocks for a successful Youtube channel. So now we wish you a lot of fun with this newly gained knowledge and good luck with your projects in Gimp!

Video tutorial:

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