Gimp make 8-bit image | Tutorial

Gimp make 8-bit image

Gimp make 8-bit image

Some of you may still know the good old GameBoy look. This is the name for images that were only resolved in 8 different color tones. If you want to make an 8-bit image in Gimp, this is possible without any problems. You even have the choice of colors, so that you can essentially determine the mood of the image. In our example we chose a greenish-blue tone to get a little closer to the original GameBoy feeling.

This is how you create an 8 bit filter in Gimp:

In the end it is not a real 8 bit filter at all. We use our own color palette for this, so Gimp has to do the best with these colors. So from the ratio of colors and brightness, Gimp itself decides the right split, so you can get very great results in a few seconds. It should be said, however, that it doesn’t always look good on the first try, since every image is different. If in doubt, you’ll have to adjust your color palette.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Load your image into Gimp
  • Go to “Image” -> “Mode” -> “Indexed”
  • Select the item “Use your own palette
  • Click on the suggested palette and at the bottom right on “Open palette selection dialog”
  • Create a new palette
  • Now set the foreground color in your toolbox to a color that matches your 8 bit style
  • IMPORTANT TIP: Set all colors a little lighter than you want them to be. The image will be darker later
  • Then click in the palette editor on “Create a new entry from the foreground color”
    • The color will be applied automatically and you will see the first result in your palette editor
  • Do this step with all the colors you want to use
  • Go to “Image” -> “Mode” -> “Indexed” again
  • Change the color dithering from “None” to “Positioned” and select “Convert”
  • Done!

However, if your image is very high resolution, it will not have an 8-bit feel. You can still do something about this:

  • Go to “Image” -> “Scale Image”
  • Reduce the image size to 50%
  • The image will now be a bit darker and more pixelated
  • Done!

Converting an image to 8 bit is no problem with Gimp. Even though the result will be very individual, we hope that with this basic knowledge you will make the right decisions so that your project can succeed. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments on Youtube!

Video tutorial:

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