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Gimp cut out image

Gimp cut out image

Gimp offers you suitable options when you want to cut out an image. There are several ways to do this, which can differ significantly in effort and result. If you want to put more work into it, the result will be much better. Today we will take a look at the Gimp Lasso, with which you can cut out quickly and quite roughly. But since you don’t always have to work very precisely, it’s helpful to know this variant. But in another post we also showed how to cut out (crop) objects very cleanly. That might help you, too.

Cut out in Gimp with the lasso – here’s how:

Actually, it’s simple. Select the lasso in Gimp, set the point, set the next point and close the circle at the end. In between, however, you can also run contours and thus ensure very clean edges, which, however, again ends in more work. This quickly creates a lasso selection. You can invert this selection and your object will be cut free. It’s as simple as that. Once you’ve done this a few times, you’ll become very proficient and quick with it, I promise!

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Load the image in Gimp where you want to cut out something
  • Select the Lasso tool in the toolbox
  • By clicking into the image a lasso point will be set. If you set another one, these points will be connected
  • You can also mark uneven contours by dragging the mouse
  • Do this until you have completely circled your object and set the last lasso point to the first one
  • Go to “Selection” -> Invert
  • Press “Del”
  • Go to “Colors” -> Color to transparency
  • Select white in the following window. This way only your cut object remains visible
  • Export your selection as .PNG (important, otherwise the transparency will be saved as white!)
  • Done!

Cutting out a Gimp image with the lasso is really not difficult and we hope you were able to understand the procedure. However, as is always the case with such programs and processes, it will take a few attempts until it works smoothly and, above all, faster and faster. In any case, it may be worthwhile to know the magnetic lasso in Gimp. And now good luck with your photo projects!

Video tutorial:

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