Gimp cartoon effect / Gimp painting effect | Tutorial

Gimp cartoon effect

Gimp cartoon effect / Gimp painting effect

Shooting photos in the real world is easy. So is creating your own projects in Gimp. In this post we want to show you how you can combine both and create something completely new from real photos with a Gimp cartoon effect. Thanks to the high resolution of your own photos, it is also possible after editing them to print a large print on canvas, which will be a great decoration thanks to the cartoon or painting style. Since it’s not difficult to create a cartoon effect in Gimp, we’d like to show you how you can do it in just a few minutes!

How to create a cartoon filter in Gimp:

Zum Glück ist die Umwandlung deiner Fotos recht einfach, denn einen entsprechenden Cartoon-Filter besitzt Gimp bereits. Wenn du daher weißt, wo sich der Effekt befindet, kannst du schon erste Erfolge feiern. Wir zeigen dir aber auch, was du darüber hinaus noch tun kannst, damit es mehr nach einem Gemälde aussieht. So lässt sich schnell ein Foto in ein Gemälde umwandeln.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Load your image into Gimp
  • Duplicate the layer twice by clicking the button below the layer selector
    Select the middle layer
  • Go to Filter -> Artistic -> Cartoon
  • Mask radius provides thick black lines. Adjust them individually. It depends on the image and also on your ideas about the cartoon look
  • The amount of black describes the amount of black within the new black lines. Again I advise you to try it out
  • Press OK
  • Select the upper layer
  • Go to Filter -> Edge-Detect -> Edges
  • The preview now shows you a negative. Set the slider so that your edges differ as much as possible from the faces. Press OK at the end
  • Choose Colors -> Invert
  • In the layer window select the top layer and change the mode from “Normal” to “Overlay”
  • Repeat this step for the middle layer
  • If the image is still too colorful, you can also lower the contrast
  • Done!

Of course, the settings always depend on your project. Especially with the contrast, it can be worthwhile to adjust a little later until it meets your expectations. Apart from that, however, you can do little wrong thanks to the defaults and get a very appealing result within a short time. We hope that this could help you and that you can realize your projects this way!

Video tutorial:

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