Gimp camo pattern | Tutorial

Gimp camo pattern

Gimp camo pattern

If you want to create your own camouflage pattern, for example to use it as a texture in other projects, you can quickly and easily use Gimp for this. The free image editing program offers all the necessary means. Therefore, it can be worthwhile to create camo pattern in Gimp, because with each attempt the result will be slightly different and so you can constantly benefit from a little variation. The Gimp Camo is created quickly, so that this is possible even without much prior knowledge. We wish you a lot of fun with the editing!

Our Gimp camouflage pattern for download:

Also, since we know that sometimes you are just looking for a quick result to download, we have linked below a set from Gimp Camouflage that you can download directly. This way you can save your time and use it for other projects. We have set up the whole thing so that you can get the Gimp files as well as ready-made templates, so you can still set the appropriate shades yourself.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Create a white, empty layer in Gimp
  • Go to “Filter” -> “Render” -> “Noise” -> “Difference Clouds”
  • Set a random initial value in or click on “Recube” and click OK
  • Go to “Colors” -> “Levels” and drag both outer Input Level sliders to the center
  • Select a value of 10 under “Filter” -> “Blur” -> “Gaussian Blur”
  • Go to “Colors” -> “Levels” again. This time you don’t pull the sliders all the way to the center
  • Under “Colors” -> “Curves” move the right point two fields down and the left point two fields up
  • Create a new white layer and repeat all steps. Omit only the step with under “Colors” -> “Curves” (the last one)
    • Important: For plastic noise you have to choose a different random starting value
  • Select the upper layer and lower the opacity to 20-30%
  • Right-click on the upper layer and select “New from Visible
  • Go to “Colors” -> “Colorize” and select a suitable color tone
  • Done!

No matter if you want to create the camouflage pattern yourself with Gimp and acquire this knowledge, or if you just want to use our download – we wish you a lot of fun with the result and hope that you can also use it very well for other projects. So have fun and success with your work!


Video tutorial:

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