Face swap in Gimp | Tutorial

Face swap in Gimp

Face swap in Gimp

Funnily enough, the face swap is always very funny and interesting, no matter how many times you’ve done it. As soon as a new person is involved, you can be surprised by the result. Swapping faces in Gimp is possible in several ways. Today we would like to take a look at a very easy way, which is not completely clean, but with the right effort definitely looks neat. Therefore this method is also suitable for beginners who want to do a face swap in Gimp. Therefore, in your own interest, you should work especially neatly so that you can be satisfied with the result.

Swap faces in Gimp – here’s how:

A face swap in Gimp can be done either by extensive but very tedious cropping or, as in this post, simply with the Lasso tool. Therefore it is also important how exactly you work, because the more points you set with the lasso, the less you will notice later that the face has been swapped. In addition, edges can be blurred or further processed with the eraser, so that the illusion will also succeed much better with more effort.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Load the desired image into Gimp
  • Create a duplicate of your image. In the layers window there is a button for this at the very bottom
  • Right click on the copy and click on “Add alpha channel”
  • Use any selection tool to select your face (e.g. the Lasso tool)
  • Once you have made a selection, go to “Selection” -> Invert and press “Del”
  • Now drag the face onto the other one. You may have to flip the face now to get the right perspective
  • Use the blur tool and the eraser to round off edges and create smoother transitions
  • Of course, in many cases you can still see that the faces have been swapped, but this method can be quickly implemented even by beginners
  • More tutorials on this topic to come
  • Done!

Swapping faces with Gimp is easy – at least with this way, even if it’s not 100 percent clean. But our tutorials are also targeted for beginners who want to see a result quickly and not for professionals who can do it better anyway. But if you want to know how to crop cleanly in Gimp, we have of course already written a suitable article for this. Just have a look!

Video tutorial:

coming soon

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