Drop shadow in Gimp | Tutorial

Drop shadow in Gimp

Drop shadow in Gimp

If you are familiar with Gimp, you will eventually come to the point of inserting your own objects that need to cast a shadow. There are appropriate tools to create a drop shadow in Gimp that meet all requirements. However, this requires a little practice so that you can create exactly the right shadow for your own project. But what exactly is important when creating shadows in Gimp? Actually, only the light source that is simulated and how far the object is from the light source and the ground.

Can you create text with shadows in Gimp?

As long as the font is on its own layer, that’s no problem. And Gimp does that by default, so there should be no problem here. The only thing that doesn’t work is if the text is already fixed on the image you want to edit. Otherwise you can add a shadow in Gimp without any problems. Depending on the light source you now only have to adjust how hard the edges should be. A distant light source like the sun will not cast hard edges. A desk lamp does, because of the short distance. So think about what you want to simulate.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Load your object in Gimp
  • Select the desired layer which should get a shadow
  • Go to “Filter” -> Light and shadow -> Drop Shadow

The values depend on your individual object. Mark the “Preview” box at the end of the window. This way you get instant feedback on all changes.

A drop shadow in Gimp is therefore easy to create, and of course it works for other objects as well. Just keep in mind that they should be on their own layer so that you can edit them separately from the rest. If you keep this in mind, nothing stands in the way of a good shadow in Gimp. We wish you a lot of success trying it out and hope we could help you with this post.

Video tutorial:

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