Change eye color in Gimp | Tutorial

Change eye color in Gimp

Change eye color in Gimp

You are not satisfied with your eye color? Then let’s change it! If you want a change, you can easily change the eye color with Gimp! And the best: With a little experience, the editing is done very quickly and allows completely different shades on many images. In addition, the editing is already well possible if you have basic knowledge. Therefore, if you can change the eye color in Gimp, extensive editing in general in Gimp is no longer a problem. So if you learn something here, it will generally bring you further!

Change the eye color with a little trick in Gimp:

To change the color of the eyes, we simply use a second layer. This has the advantage that you can change the color again later by recoloring the layer. You just have to crop the layer to your eyes at the beginning. And as always: The more precise you work, the better your result will be in the end!

Step-by-step instructions:

  • First load your photo into Gimp
  • Go to “Layer” -> New layer -> Create a new layer in transparency
  • Use a selection tool (e.g. the lasso) to select your eyes now
  • Use the brush with your desired color and fill the selection on your transparent layer
  • Change the mode in the layer window from “Normal” to “HSL Color”
  • Select the eraser that matches the size of your pupil and remove the color from both pupils
  • Now go to “Colors” -> Blur -> Gaussian Blur
  • Increase the values so that the color and intensity decreases and looks more natural. This depends on the resolution. Just try a little bit
  • Done!

A little editing of layers, use of selection tools and coloring of areas. These are the ingredients for a new eye color in Gimp! We hope that you can now implement the procedure yourself. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Youtube channel so that we can still help you.

Video tutorial:

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