The Binding of Isaac Character Editor | Tutorial

The Binding of Isaac Character Editor

The Binding of Isaac Character Editor

The Binding of Isaac offers a lot of possibilities in itself. Thanks to the many items, every run is different. But what if you want to experiment even more? That is possible with The Binding of Isaac Character Editor. For example, you can change the start items or the trinket you carry with you. If you’ve always wanted to start with Brimstone and Tummy’s Head, this is exactly the right tool for you.

The Binding of Isaac Character Editor – this is how you can find all the items:

If you haven’t been playing for too long, you might not know all the names and effects of the items. So that you can still use the character editor quickly and easily, we also attach a list to you, with which you get the corresponding information. The rest will come naturally with more game experience, so you’ll know pretty quickly which combination you want to try.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • First download the Item Character Editor
  • Open the editor, select the character and set the start items as you like
  • On the right you can also enter your start items by listing them. You can find the names of the items here
  • Click on “Save Changes to Character” and on “Export Players.xml”
  • Now you can play your customized character in TBOI
  • If you want to undo the changes, you can do this with “Restore defaults”
  • Done!

With the character editor, everything can be tried out in any case, so that you can also test very well theoretically. So you know later exactly what you want to find around Run and want to take with you. We hope the tutorial helped you and wish you a lot of fun playing TBOI!

Video tutorial:

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