Reign of Kings Singleplayer Server | Tutorial

Reign of Kings Singleplayer

Reign of Kings Singleplayer Server

Reign of Kings came out in Early Access and was very interesting from the start. We thought it had a lot of potential and many elements that made it more than just a pretty Minecraft. For example, conquering the castle or looting the polluted village. However, some problems quickly appeared that made fans call out loudly for a Reign of Kings singleplayer. The public servers were quickly filled with cheaters, and even the player’s own buildings were not safe from bombardment and destruction. However, a single player was not in sight. We have found a solution how you can still play the game alone or with selected friends.

How to make a local Reign of Kings server:

The fact is that Reign of Kings doesn’t come with a proper singleplayer. However, by adjusting the settings, it is possible to create a local server that can only be accessed by people with the same connection. Thus, by using programs like Hamachi, it is also possible to simulate a local network and thus play with friends in peace.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Go to the folder where Reign of Kings is installed (Via Steam right click on RoK -> Properties -> Local Files -> Browse Local Files)
  • Send the ROK application in this folder as a shortcut to the desktop
  • Right click on the shortcut and enter the following at the end of “Target”: ” -batchmode -nographics -silentcrash -nolog” (The space before -batchmode is important!)
  • Click on Apply and OK
  • Double click on the shortcut to start your local server. Since there is no console, you can only see it via the task manager at the moment. Here you can stop it best, if you are done with the game
  • Now go to “Configuration” in the RoK folder and into the ServerSettings
  • Make sure that isPrivate is set to “True”
  • Make a note of the PortNumber. If you want to play together with friends via Hamachi, they need this port number
  • If you want to start a new world, you have to enter a “-1” at worldSlot
  • Now go into the game and into the server list
  • Choose “localhost” at the bottom of IP. Friends over Hamachi enter here the Hamachi IP
  • Done!

We hope that with this article you can finally play Reign in Kings in singleplayer or with friends. In any case, this has helped us a lot to build something nice ingame. And that with the certainty that no one can break it. Now we wish you a lot of fun playing!

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