How to install Factorio Mods | Tutorial

How to install Factorio Mods

How to install Factorio Mods

Factorio already offers a lot of potential for many exciting hours of building huge factories. But what if you are missing certain content that you want to add via mod or you are looking for completely new worlds? With mods, almost all wishes can be fulfilled in Factorio. Therefore, we would like to show you how to install Factorio mods in just a few seconds, so that many more hours of gameplay can follow.

Installing Factorio Mods on Steam – especially easy thanks to good developers:

You have to praise the Factorio team. With a suitable API and an in-game menu, mods can be installed very well. So it is not even necessary to go to any workshop in Steam, if you want to install the mods in Factorio. This definitely deserves recognition, because few developers today still take the time for such a service. The community has thanked us with many of their own mod creations!

Step-by-step instructions:

This is how you install mods:

  • Launch Factorio
  • Click on the “Mods” button
  • In the “Manage” tab you will find all the mods that are installed at the moment
  • Switch to the “Install” tab and search for interesting mods
  • Click on a mod for more information
    • Under “Dependencies” you will see all the mods that also need to be installed for the mod to work (you don’t need to install them individually, more on that in a moment)
    • Under “Incompatible with” you will find all mods with which your currently selected mod is incompatible. Therefore, it must not be active at the same time when playing
  • If you are satisfied with the mod, click on “Install”. All dependent mods will be installed automatically
  • After the download, switch back to the “Manage” tab. Select all the mods you want to install by checking the box
  • When your selection is done, click on “Confirm”. Factorio will restart with your mods now

How to uninstall Factorio mods:

  • Select the desired mod in the “Manage” tab
  • Now click on the small trash can in the upper right corner. The mod will now be crossed out
  • Click on “Confirm”. Factorio will restart and completely remove the mod from your selection

As you can see, it is not difficult to install or uninstall mods in Factorio. We hope that the tutorial has helped you and that you can now once again experience many new adventures in Factorio. If so, please leave us a like on Youtube. That would make us very happy!

Video tutorial:

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