How to change Minecraft name | Tutorial

How to change Minecraft name

How to change Minecraft name

Minecraft has a long history by now. Gone are the beginnings as an insider tip. Today, everyone knows the block game. But who is already at the beginning, who has created his first account in his younger years, with a name that you no longer find so great today. Therefore, the question is how to change your Minecraft name. In the past, there was no possibility for this, but under Microsoft, the corresponding function was installed. Therefore, if you want to change your Minecraft account name, you can do so. However, the question is again where exactly the function is hidden.

Change name in Minecraft – here’s how:

To change your name in Minecraft, you have to go to the Minecraft site. Unfortunately, this is not possible in-game. With your data, you can most likely log in there. However, there may be the case that this does not work, since a new system was introduced after the acquisition by Microsoft. In this case your account has to be moved first. We will explain to you exactly how this works.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Login on first
  • Under “My Games” you will see your username. Click on the arrow to change it
  • Choose a new name and confirm it with your password
  • Done!

Changing your Minecraft name on Mojang isn’t a hard task, but if you don’t know the exact procedure, it can be a bit of a problem. Therefore, we hope to have helped you with this article and wish you a lot of fun playing Minecraft in the future!

Video tutorial:

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