Geometry Dash not launching | Tutorial

Geometry Dash not launching

Geometry Dash not launching

Geometry Dash is an interesting game of rhythm and reaction. Certainly not something for everyone, but definitely a game with which you can pass the time in between times. However, as with any software, there can be startup problems. Geometry Dash does not start? Then we have gathered here some possibilities how you can solve the problem. This is often the case in connection with problems with Steam. However, we have already created corresponding tutorials for this as well. So take a look if you need to!

You can do this if Geometry Dash won’t launch:

The procedure is quite simple. First go through the suggested solutions in this article bit by bit. If that doesn’t help, it may also be worthwhile to take a look at the solutions in our Steam tutorials. Because here we have already shown what to do when a Steam game no longer starts.

Step-by-step instructions:

Option 1:

  • Go to Start
  • type “%Appdata%” and press Enter
  • go one step back in the bar at the top and click on AppData
  • Go to Local -> Geometry Dash
  • Copy the .dat files here and save them in a folder (for example on the desktop)
    • This is only a precautionary measure, so that you don’t lose your saves when repairing the data
    • Add them after the repair if necessary back into the original folder
  • Now go to your Steam library and right-click on Geometry Dash
  • Click on Properties -> Local Files -> Check Files for Errors
  • Let the process run and restart your PC afterwards

Option 2:

  • Go to Start -> Computer -> your local disk (e.g. C:) (The way to get here is slightly different for each operating system, but should be easy to find)
  • Click on Programs -> Steam -> steamapps -> common -> Geometry Dash
    Right click on the GeometryDash application and go to properties
  • In the “Compatibility” tab, check “Run program in compatibility mode” and select a different version of the operating system
  • Click Apply at the bottom and you’re done!
    • If the first choice doesn’t work with another operating system, try them all!
  • Done!

We hope that we could help you with these solutions and that you can now play Geometry Dash again. If you still have problems, just let us know on YouTube in the comments, so we can keep looking for new possibilities. This will not only benefit you, but you will also help the whole community! And now have fun!

Video tutorial:

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