Fortnite Crash – 3 Ways to fix it | Tutorial

Fortnite Crash

Fortnite Crash – 3 Ways to fix it

You want to play, but you have a Fortnite crash? Or you are in the middle of playing and your game crashes due to a Fortnite glitch? That’s annoying, and unfortunately, there are a lot of reasons why Fortnite might cause problems. We have therefore set out to find some possible solutions when Fortnite crashes. In order for you to continue playing one of the most popular games of this time, we recommend trying all the advice one by one to make sure you’ve tried everything. One of the most important points beforehand could also be to restart the PC and see if it was perhaps a temporary error. If this is not the case, you will find three useful solutions in this article that can help you. By the way, we have already written several posts about this, so you can also take a look if your Epic Games Launcher does not want to start or something similar.

What to do if problems continue to occur?

As is the case with software, there is rarely one correct solution. Due to the different hardware, the error can be almost the same, but the solution can be completely different. If you want to play Fortnite and there are problems, look out for signs or error reports. This way, you can quickly find suitable solutions with Google and the like. We are also happy to help you on our Youtube channel. If you have any questions, write us there in the comments. We are looking forward to it!

Step-by-step instructions:

Solution 1:

  • Go to Start
  • Type “%Appdata%” and press Enter
  • go one step back in the bar above and click on AppData
  • Go to Local -> FortniteGame -> Saved -> config -> WindowsClient
  • Right click on GameUserSetting and click on “Edit”
  • Search the “ScalabilityGroups” section
  • Change the value for ResolutionQuality to 66.6667 and all other values to 2
  • Save and close the editor

Solution 2:

  • Go to C: (your local disk) -> Program Files -> Epic Games -> Fortnite -> FortniteGame – Binaries -> Win64 -> BattleEye
  • Click on Uninstall_Battleye and run the process
  • After that restart the computer and go to the above mentioned file path again
  • Now click on Install_BattlEye and execute the process

Solution 3:

  • Launch the FortniteLauncher
  • Go to Unreal Engine in the upper left corner
  • If you haven’t already done so, click on Install on the left (normally you should already see “Start”)
  • Change in the left menu to Library
  • In the middle click on the small arrow for the engine version and then on “Options
  • Check the box “Editor symbols for debugging” and click Apply at the bottom
  • Download the new content and let it install completely (should work automatically)
  • Done!

The Fortnite crash is fixed? Very good! If it still doesn’t work, just leave us your question in a YouTube video, preferably directly in a Fortnite problem tutorial. This way, we can react quickly and also look for further solutions for your game crash. You can also help your friends with this post. So just share it and keep playing!

Video tutorial:

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