Clicker Heroes cheats | Tutorial

Clicker Heroes cheats

Clicker Heroes cheats

To this day, Clicker Heroes is a game that triggers a certain addictiveness. Even for us, that’s the case and as of writing this article, Clicker Heroes is running in the background again. But what can you do if the progress seems too slow? We have picked out a way here, how you can modify your game state through Clicker Heroes cheats, so that you get certain advantages, be it in the level of the characters or in the achievements. Therefore, if you are looking for Clicker Heroes cheats, it is definitely worth taking a look, just to see what awaits you in the endgame.

This is how the Clicker Heroes cheat codes work:

With a corresponding editor, it is possible to change the data of your memory. In this way, you can of course increase many things or unlock achievements simply by ticking them off. This is also how it works with the Clicker Heroes Gold cheat, for example. The question is, of course, what effect this will have on the gameplay, but we would like to present a suitable solution to all seekers!

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Click on the settings in the upper right corner and then on “Save”
  • Now click on Cancel (at the same time something was copied to the clipboard and only this is needed)
  • Go to the cheat page
  • Select “Easy Mode” in the upper left corner
  • Click 3x on “Next” in the lower right corner until a text input area appears
  • Paste the data from the clipboard (CTRL + V)
  • Click on “Next” again
  • In the following window you can now give yourself as much money as you want, adjust cooldowns or even adjust the gilded levels
  • Click on “Next” again
  • Now you can adjust the Achievements. One click (green frame) unlocks it, two clicks (red frame) removes it and three clicks (no frame) makes no change
  • Go to “Next” again
  • You will now get a new save code, which you have to save with CTRL + C
  • Go back into the game, again to the settings and to “Import”
  • here you insert the data with CTRL + V and press Import
  • Done!

With these simple options, you can really take off in Clicker Heroes. We hope you have fun trying them out and that you continue to be successful in all your games. If the tutorial helped you, feel free to recommend us so we can help your friends too!

Video tutorial:

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