How to set a FritzBox timer | Tutorial

How to set a FritzBox timer

How to set a FritzBox timer

Many parents know it – their children are on the Internet until late at night. However, you can switch on a timer on your FritzBox and deactivate the Internet for certain times. This can also be useful as a time switch for guest access, for example, if a company wants to prevent the Internet from being used outside of opening hours. How this works exactly, we explain in this article.

Thanks to different profiles, the right timer for different people & groups:

The time switching of your FritzBox is not quite all-inclusive. This has the advantage that you can assign completely different times to different groups. Via so-called access profiles, it is possible that all standard users are blocked for certain times, while you assign your own devices to another group, which are allowed to use the Internet without restrictions. This way you don’t restrict yourself, even if there should be a restriction for other people.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Go to in your browser
  • Log in with your password
  • Click in the tab “Internet” on the subgroup “Filters”
  • Switch to the “Access Profiles” tab
  • Select a profile for which you want to set a timer and click on the edit button
  • Here the default profile makes sense, so that new devices are always subject to timeout
  • Devices that are always allowed to be online must then only be assigned to the group unlimited
  • Change the selection at “time restriction” to “restricted”
  • Like with a drawing program you can now color allowed times blue and remove forbidden times with the eraser
  • Alternatively you can also enter times manually via “Enter time period”
  • Click on OK
  • Done!

With the right settings, you can quickly control the Internet usage of your own children, employees or guests. Even with flat rates, this can be useful today. And especially at a time when people spend far too much time sitting in front of their cell phones or computers, we welcome smaller Internet blocks so that people can sit down with family or friends.

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