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Firefox translate page

Firefox translate page

The Internet is vast and with English you can reach a respectable part, but the majority is to understand in other languages. Therefore, the question is how to translate a page in Firefox. Firefox itself does not offer a suitable function for this. Nevertheless there are possibilities how to translate a page. In this video we would like to show you exactly which tools are necessary and which settings you should make.

Important! Web pages never translate completely error-free in Firefox:

Plugins work in Firefox with the best possible translation tools such as Google Translator or DeepL. However, even though DeepL is our absolute favorite among translation services, there can always be minor inconsistencies where the meaning of the translation can get a little lost. Therefore, you can expect a lot, but not too much from the plugins.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Launch Firefox
  • Download the Translate Web Pages plugin by Filipe Ps
  • In the settings page that opens, go to the “Translations” tab
  • Set the text translation service to “DeepL” (optional, but our recommendation)
  • Visit a foreign language site and click on the plugin’s icon in the upper right corner
    • Check the box if you want pages to be translated automatically from now on
    • Do not check the box if you want to manually set when a page should be translated by clicking on “Translate”
  • Done!

With a simple tool that uses the appropriate translation services, the desired function can be easily integrated into Firefox. We hope that the tutorial has helped you and that from now on you will be able to explore the rest of the Internet in the best possible way.

Video tutorial:

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