Firefox screenshot full page or selected area | Tutorial

Firefox screenshot

Firefox screenshot full page or selected area

The Windows snipping tool is a good way to take screenshots. But you can also create a screenshot with Firefox. Therefore, if you want to capture something in the browser, the Firefox tool can be worthwhile, because besides the actual screenshot, much more is possible and smaller comfort functions can simplify the selection of the right area size.

Firefox screenshot for full page possible:

The feature to capture a full page in Firefox is handy and exceeds the possibilities of the Windows Snipping Tool. It should only be noted that many websites nowadays use lazy-loading. This means that some content is loaded only when the user sees it. Therefore, if the website screenshot contains a lot of white space, scroll to the bottom of the page in advance to avoid exactly that.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Find the page in Firefox you want to take a screenshot of
  • Press CTRL + Shift + S
  • Alternatively, right-click and select “Take screenshot”
  • Now select an area of the page you want to save by clicking and dragging it
  • You can also save the whole visible area or the whole page using the two buttons in the upper right corner
  • You can copy the result. It will end up in the clipboard and can be pasted elsewhere. With Download you save the screenshot on your computer
  • Done!

Whether it’s a full page screenshot with Firefox or just individual areas – the included function of the browser is practical and quick to use and we would wish such implemented features for Chrome and Co. as well. In any case, we wish you much success and easier work with this function!

Video tutorial:

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