Firefox export bookmarks (export / import) | Tutorial

Firefox export bookmarks

Firefox export bookmarks (export / import)

If you want to switch to a new computer after some time or just want to take over your favorites from the browser, we would like to explain in more detail how to export bookmarks in Firefox and import them again later. In this way, no data is lost and the whole thing can also be transferred to other areas such as passwords or the history. This way, all data is actually preserved, even if you move to a new browser or computer.

Import Firefox bookmarks – from other browsers extremely easy:

If you want to import bookmarks into your Firefox, this is also very easy later on and even possible from other browsers. You don’t even need to be familiar with different file systems, as the whole thing works with a few clicks of a button. We think you can do it, no matter how much computer experience you have.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Launch Firefox
  • Click on the three bars in the upper right corner and select “Bookmarks” -> “Manage bookmarks”
  • Click on “Import and Save” in the new window
    • With “Save…” a json file will be created (suitable for Firefox)
    • With “Restore” you can import the json again or set an earlier backup that Firefox created itself
    • “Export bookmarks from HTML” creates your favorites in a HTML file. This can also be imported by Google Chrome for example
    • With “Import bookmarks from HTML” you can import exactly this file here again
    • With “Import data from another browser” you can easily import bookmarks from Google Chrome or Edge. Just follow the given steps
  • Done!

Backing up your data is extremely important. Therefore, it can also be useful to make a backup of your bookmarks before moving to a new computer, so that you do not start again from 0 in case of a total failure. We wish you good luck with this project. If you have any further questions about Firefox, just let us know in the YouTube comments.

Video tutorial:

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