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Diable private browsing Firefox

Disable private browsing in Firefox

It can be quite advantageous to use private browsing in Firefox. This way, the user’s browsing behavior, such as the history, is not recorded. Evil to him who thinks evil here. We simply believe that you are looking for gifts for your loved ones and that this should not be noticed. But if you want to take a closer look at your children or co-workers, you should know how to disable private browsing in Firefox. This way, it is much easier to keep track of whether people are really working or what the children are up to in their free time. Since the function is not available in Firefox itself, we will explain exactly how to do this.

Settings in the admin account for the complete computer make sense:

Since Firefox doesn’t offer the feature, we’ll show you how to get it working with permissions in Windows. The most sensible way to set it up is to put it in an admin account for the whole device. The other users – those of your children or employees – will not have admin access. This way, you can prevent the private mode in Firefox from being re-enabled by them. So you keep full control at all times.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Click in the Windows search bar and type “regedit”. Confirm the entry with Enter
  • Go along the following path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWARE -> Policies
  • There must be a Mozilla folder here. If there is none, right click on the Policies folder and select “New” -> “Key”
  • Name the folder Mozilla (Attention: Upper and lower case is important!)
  • In the Mozilla folder create another folder named “Firefox”
  • Right click in the Firefox folder and select “New” -> DWORD “(32-bit) Value”
  • Name the value as follows: DisablePrivateBrowsing
  • Then open the value with a double click and set the data value on the left from 0 to 1. Press “OK”
  • Done!

If you have the instructions in front of you for the first time, then it may all seem very technical. But actually you just create a few folders and files and with that you can easily add the corresponding setting in Firefox. And if you do it – as I said – on the right profile, then the setting will also work on other profiles without being able to remove it there.

Video tutorial:

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