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Clear Cache Firefox

Clear Cache in Firefox

The cache is a useful tool to shorten loading times on websites and thus offer the user a more pleasant experience while surfing. But how can you clear your Firefox cache and when does it make sense? We would like to inform you about these points, so that you can judge for yourself when you should clear the cache in Firefox or if you don’t need it at all. We are of the opinion that a regular clearing of the cache makes sense and recommend, for example, a monthly rhythm.

When does it make sense to clear the cache in Firefox?

For one thing, caching web content takes up space on your hard drive. Depending on your surfing behavior, this can be several hundred megabytes. Therefore, many optimization tools start at this point and want to empty your cache. However, the more important reason is whether the web content is up-to-date. When web pages are loaded from the cache, old data is used. If the data on the web page has been changed in the meantime, you may not see up-to-date content. Therefore, it makes sense to clear the cache, maybe not every day, but at regular intervals.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Open Firefox
  • Click on the three bars and “Settings” in the upper right corner
  • Switch to the “Privacy & Security” tab
  • Scroll down to “Cookies and website data”
  • Click on “Clear Data”
  • Choose if you want to delete the cache and the cookies as well and click on “Clear”
  • Confirm the message
  • Done!

Clearing the cache is done in just a few steps, but it can have a big impact on the websites you visit. Therefore, if you are not sure whether the displayed data is correct, it is worth clearing the cache. We hope that the tutorial has helped you and wish you a lot of fun surfing with Firefox!

Video tutorial:

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