Static Noise Chatlink Cable elgato | Tutorial

Static Noise Chatlink Cable elgato

Static Noise Chatlink Cable elgato

If you want to record with an elgato device, you will quickly face a problem. This is because the sound is also recorded via the controller, so that you cannot hear anything yourself and, above all, you cannot participate in the party chat. For this, elgato has brought the Chat Link cable onto the market, which offers another connection as a distributor, so that you can also connect a headset to the system. However, we also encountered a problem with static noise from the chatlink cable by elgato during recording, which slowed down the recording fun a lot.

How to use elgato Chat Link correctly:

It is noticeable that the Chat Link cable works well by default. You will certainly notice the problem after some time and the reason is also very banal. It took us a long time because there was hardly any information about the problem. The solution came to us by ourselves and even rather accidentally. Therefore, we don’t want to withhold this information from you, so that nothing will stand in the way of your streaming project.

Step-by-step instructions:

Detailed instructions are not necessary here. Simply do not load your controller via the console! If you unplug the controller, the smoking and ticking should also disappear. Instead, use a USB socket, which can now be integrated into sockets, or alternatively simply a cell phone charging plug. Done! If necessary, pay attention to the exact specifications of the plug so that you don’t damage the controller’s battery. Done!

The elgato Gaming Chat Link can thus be used quickly and easily when you do not charge the controller via a port on the console, but directly via a power outlet. The fact that the hardware is not suitable for this rather standard use made it difficult to find the problem. If you know it, however, it is all the easier to fix. So we wish you a lot of fun and success with streaming now!

Video tutorial:

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