How to delete a Discord server | Tutorial

How to delete a Discord server

How to delete a Discord server

The beauty of Discord is that anyone can set up their own server. The service is free of charge for everyone and thus helps to easily spend time together online even over long distances. However, this simplicity can quickly lead to the opening of too many servers. Therefore, we want to show exactly how you can delete a Discord server, so that you do not unnecessarily much administrative work with your own servers. And finally, a Discord server is deleted just as quickly as it was created. But there is one important point you should always keep in mind!

Attention: If you delete a server, you should be sure that no important data is left:

Since you can quickly delete the server at Discord, you certainly also like to think too briefly whether this is already advantageous. Because if you delete the server, you also irrevocably lose all the messages and data stored on it. Therefore, if you still have some important things and messages on it that you want to save, then you should definitely do it beforehand. Who deletes the server, has no way back!

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Go to the server you want to delete
  • Click on the server name and “Server settings” at the top
  • In the list you will find the item “Delete server” in the bottom left corner
  • Enter the server name in the text field and click on “Delete server”
  • Done!

Quite simple, actually, isn’t it? Discord is not only a convenient software to stay in contact with people, but also convinces with very good settings menus. In our opinion, even less experienced users can find the right solutions quickly and easily. Nevertheless, we hope that our article has helped you. If that’s the case, feel free to leave us a subscription on Youtube, because we always upload a video tutorial on the same topic there as well!

Video tutorial:

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