Discord Channel Icons – How to change them | Tutorial

Discord Channel Icons

Discord Channel Icons – How to change them

An own Discord server stands and falls with the right structure. Therefore, it can be worthwhile to create suitable rooms for all occasions without dividing the community too much. For an appropriate overview, meaningful names are also advantageous. But how can the whole thing be improved even further? We recommend the use of emotes for naming your rooms. For example, you can use Discord channel icons to make it clear to the user what the channel is about without reading the name. Especially those who know the server well can find their way around much faster in the future, because they have internalized the arrangement relatively well and only have to orientate themselves by the icons.

Discord Channel Icons simply use from the Windows emote package:

Using emotes as Discord channel icons is actually quite simple. You don’t have to search for emotes on the internet (even if there are some handy workarounds). In general you can use all emotes that are available in Unicode for browsers. And that usually includes all emotes you can use with the Windows key and the dot key. Beyond that, there are of course a few more that can be copied quickly.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Select the channel you want to assign an icon to
  • Right-click on the channel name and select “Edit Channel”
  • In the channel name line, press the Windows key and the dot key at the same time
  • Select a suitable icon for your channel
  • Alternatively you can find some more icons to copy on the Unicode page
  • Paste the icons into the channel name
  • Click on “Save changes”
  • Done!

So using icons for your Discord channel is not difficult or tedious. However, the number of requests shows that there is a certain demand and many users do not know how to implement it. We hope that our article has helped you. If you have any further questions, just let us know on YouTube. We will be happy to produce more videos and bidding entries for our users!

Video tutorial:

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