How to make video black and white in Camtasia | Tutorial

How to make video black and white in Camtasia

How to make video black and white in Camtasia

Camtasia is a great program that is unbeatable for us when it comes to desktop recording. Even other programs can’t come close with their features. One weakness, however, is perhaps the rather feature-poor editing of the videos. If you want to make a black and white video in Camtasia, you will be disappointed. There is no really suitable function for this. However, there are small tricks with which you can achieve a reasonably satisfactory result, even if it is not exactly what you were looking for.

This is how you can create a black and white video in Camtasia:

To get close to a black and white effect in Camtasia, we will colorize the video with gray tones. After all, when we remove colors, that’s roughly what we get with a black and white video. However, in the end it’s still just grays, so a little bit of color will always remain. If there is a more suitable option in the future, we will show you what you can do!

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Drag your clip to the video track in Camtasia
  • Click More -> Visual Effects below your selection window
  • Under Visual Effects, check the Color box
  • Select a gray or black tone that best reproduces black and white (this depends on the colors of your video)
  • Set the intensity to 100% (usually gives better results)
  • You will see that the video is not completely black and white, but this is the best Camtasia has to offer
  • Done!

We hope that we could help you with this article, even if the result is of course not exactly what you were looking for. But we did the best we could and hope this will be enough for your projects as well. From here on, good luck with your work in Camtasia!

Video tutorial:

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