Camtasia zoom in and out | Tutorial

Camtasia zoom in and out

Camtasia zoom in and out

We’ve already shown you some of the ways you can create great projects in Camtasia. Often, it comes down to the use of basic effects. Camtasia also has a zoom in and out feature for this purpose. In this article, we will explain exactly how you can use a zoom effect in Camtasia and how you can use it both statically and as an animation. In many cases, it is enough to enlarge the image section and make certain areas clearer.

In Camtasia, use the zoom as an effect:

In addition to the static variant, you can also zoom in with an animation and return the image section to the normal size at the end. This has the advantage that hard transitions are avoided and it becomes much more pleasant for the viewer. In any case, it is worth knowing this function, as it belongs to the “toolbox” of every user!

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Add your video to the sequence in Camtasia
  • Click More below the clip selection
  • Select Zoom & Pan
  • First, decide whether or not to keep the Aspect Ratio checkmark
  • Use the slider or the percentage input to zoom in (Important: The slider only goes up to 100%. If you want to zoom in, you should use the percentage input.
  • You can also use the direct preview to draw an exact frame
  • An arrow has now appeared on your video track, which determines the effect length. You can drag it longer or shorter, as you like
  • If you don’t need the enlargement anymore, you can undo the effect and adjust the arrow here as well
  • Done!

Now you have expanded your knowledge of Camtasia a good bit. Knowing how to use the zoom can be important when certain video content is hard to see and needs to be edited. We wish you a lot of fun and success with your future projects!

Video tutorial:

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