Camtasia rotate video (Animation) | Tutorial

Camtasia rotate video

Camtasia rotate video (Animation)

Camtasia offers all sorts of effects to make your videos more interesting. A basic feature is also that you can rotate a video in Camtasia. For example, cell phone videos can be aligned if the automatic control on the smartphone has not tilted the image itself. But not only a static rotation is possible. Rather, the whole thing can also be played as an animation, so that you can theoretically rotate the video. (Who needs something like that…)

Rotate a video according to your requirements:

The good thing is that there are not only fixed settings for 90 degree rotations. Rather, you can rotate the video in any of the 360 degrees and adapt it to your own project this way. Because sometimes it’s good to just skew the video to simulate a certain “broken” effect. So decide for yourself how to make this feature of Camtasia work for you!

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Drag your clip to the video track in Camtasia
  • Click More -> Visual Properties
  • Locate the point in the video where you want the animation to end and click on that point in the Timeline
  • Click on “Insert animation” in the upper left corner
  • A small arrow will appear at this point. You can now drag this arrow forward to set the duration of the animation
  • Now set the position at the beginning and at the end of the animation. If you want a complete rotation then set the end point to -360 or 360 (depending on how the rotation should take place)
  • The speed depends on the duration of the animation
  • You can also use the same principle to change the position and move the image as an animation
  • Done!

Camtasia is easy to use because the features are not as cluttered as in other programs. We’re confident that you’ll quickly learn how to shoot video in Camtasia Studio. If our articles have helped you, please leave us a subscription on Youtube. It will help us grow in the long run and reach even more people. Thanks a lot!

Video tutorial:

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