Camtasia freeze frame | Tutorial

Camtasia freeze frame

Camtasia freeze frame

In order to sometimes explain in more detail places in a video that would otherwise run much too fast, it is important to know how to create a freeze frame in Camtasia. For this, the image editing program offers the appropriate options, once you know how to find them. However, the question of necessity arises. Do you want to export a freeze frame in Camtasia or do you want to freeze the image, for example, to be able to explain the scene more precisely with a commentary. Let’s first look at how to freeze the Camtasia image.

A freeze frame is suitable for this in Camtasia:

A good example of this would be the videos of “Fahrnünftig” on Youtube. The likeable long-distance driver shows scenes from German highways. Since a lot happens in a few moments, the image is frozen so that he can explain the scene in more detail, so that lay people can understand it, or images become clearer for which you simply have to look at the scene more closely. In any case, being able to create a freeze frame in Camtasia Studio is part of the toolkit, and that’s what we’d like you to take away with you!

Step-by-step instructions:

  • In Camtasia, drag your clip to the Video Track
  • Select the location you want to freeze
  • Make a right click on your clip and choose “Enhance frame” (Shift + E)
  • A point will be created in your video where you can set the seconds. So choose how long you want to extend the single frame
  • On the video track you will now always find two markers where your freeze frame starts and where it ends
  • Done!

As you’ve probably noticed, it doesn’t take many steps to create a freeze image in Camtasia Studio. With this knowledge, you have a great way to edit your videos and add value to them. If you have any video productions of your own, feel free to let us know and drop us a line on YouTube. We are always interested to see which projects have been realized with our help. And now, good luck!

Video tutorial:

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