Record System Sound Audacity | Tutorial

Record System Sound Audacity

Record System Sound Audacity

Audacity is not only very good for immortalizing your own voice. You can also record system sound with Audacity, although this setting is a bit hidden and requires other settings at the same time. We have therefore sat down to a guide, so that you can set this without errors and in a few seconds. Please note, however, that this setting cannot be used to record system sound and your own voice at the same time. Since a recording channel has to be selected, you have to choose one or the other at that moment.

Why would you want to record system sound with Audacity?

System sounds don’t sound particularly exciting at first, that’s true. But that means everything that you would also hear over your speakers. This also includes music and audio from movies and series. So if you want to record excerpts from an audio book or perhaps your favorite song from an Internet radio station, then that is possible with this function. However, we still ask you to observe applicable law 😉

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Open Audacity
    To the left of your microphone selection (under the record button), switch from “MME” to “Windows WASAPI”
  • Now select “Speaker (High Deifnition Audio Device)” as recording device (the drop-down menu with the microphone icon)
  • Next to the recording device you will find a setting for mono and stereo. The switch will often change the sound to mono. So set this item back to stereo
  • Done!

With just a few steps, you’ll be ready to record system sounds in Windows 10. If you have more questions about Audacity, check out our YouTube channel. There you’ll find a wide selection of Audacity tutorials that will help you improve your recording and subsequent editing. We wish you a lot of fun and success!

Video tutorial:

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