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Audacity White Noise

Audacity White Noise / Audacity Add Noise

Audacity is not only suitable for recording your own voices, but rather for editing all other recordings. You can also create interesting effects in Audacity that you can use for your video productions. Now we would like to show how to add white noise in Audacity. For this purpose, the software offers its own effect, which allows not only white noise, but also pink or brownian noise. White noise is most comparable to what you know from a missing TV signal. The others are distinguished by their harshness in sound. You can download examples of them in the description.

These other options are provided by Audacity for noise:

Pink noise can be compared very well to a large waterfall. It sounds a bit softer and is therefore more pleasant to listen to. Brownian noise goes one step further and sounds very dull. It almost resembles a very old radio recording. Since the features in Audacity are so easy to use, you can also edit yourself a corresponding track very quickly, so you can get a more accurate impression of the possibilities.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • First create a new track. To do this, go to “Tracks” -> Create new track -> Stereo track
  • Go to “Generate” -> Noise
  • Select the noise type
  • You can adjust the amplitude individually. The default value of 0.8 is usually fine
  • Set the desired time and press OK
  • If you are not sure, choose 30 seconds and cut off the length you don’t need later on
  • Done!

As you can see, it’s not difficult to create white noise in Audacity. However, it’s sometimes difficult to implement projects when you don’t know where the function is or that it even exists. So we hope that this tutorial for Audacity has helped you with your questions. If you need more information, please drop us a line at Youtube so we can produce new videos for you!


Caution! The sounds can be very loud under certain circumstances (comes so from Audacity). When listening for the first time, it is best to turn the sound way down!

Video tutorial:

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