Audacity Telephone Effect | Tutorial

Audacity Telephone Effect

Audacity Telephone Effect

In other articles we have shown that with Audacity there are very many possibilities to edit your own voice. Even those who want to create an telephone effect in Audacity will not be disappointed. On the contrary – this is one of the easier exercises in Audacity, because only one effect is needed for this. Rather, it depends on your own knowledge and wishes to be able to implement this effect in a few seconds. For those who are not yet familiar with Audacity, we have the appropriate data here. But also note that it always depends a little on your wishes and also your voice.

How to create a telephone effect in Audacity:

In fact, all you have to do is ask yourself what makes the sound in reality and you can make the Audacity voice sound like it’s on the telephone…. It is the small diaphragm of the listener that allows only a few frequencies. Bass is hardly present and sounds rather tinny and also high tones are only possible in a small range. This is exactly the knowledge we generally take advantage of when editing in Audacity. Since we know that we need to filter out high and low frequencies, this is quickly done with the equalizer tool.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Load your sound file into Audacity
  • Select the range you want to change
  • Go to “Effect” -> Equalizer
  • First click also “Even” to reset the selection
  • Set the frequencies from 0 – 1000 Hz to -30dB
  • Set the frequencies 1000 – 4000 Hz to 0dB
  • all higher frequencies go down again to -30dB
  • Press OK at the end
  • Done!

We hope we didn’t promise you too much when we said that you can set up the Audacity telephone effect in a few seconds. By the way, if you need this feature more often, you can save the setting in the equalizer so that it’s done with just one click in the future. We hope you continue to have fun with your audio editing projects!

Video tutorial:

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