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Audacity Speed Up Track

Audacity Speed up Track

Audacity offers many possibilities for audio editing and the function to record your own projects alone makes Audacity an interesting tool. But what if you need to speed up a track in Audacity after a recording? This is easily possible with the audio editing program. For example, Audacity allows you to adjust a variable speed that can be applied to different areas individually. In this way, for example, Audacity can be used to slow down a song so that you can stretch it to just the right length for a video or other work. In the same way, of course, you can make a song faster in Audacity. And the great thing is that thanks to the input option in percentages, you can simply try it out and jump back a step if necessary. This way you can quickly find the right speed even if you didn’t know the exact value before. So it pays to try it out!

Audacity speed up track without pitch:

You certainly know from TV or the videos of well-known Youtuber that when lowering the speed also the pitch goes massively down. Conversely, at a faster speed everything sounds very beepy. This is not the case when editing with Audacity. The pitch does not change. But if you would like to achieve this, we have also already made a video on how to change the pitch in Audacity. Therefore, it may be worth a look here as well.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Add an audio track in Audacity
  • Select the area you want to change
  • Go to “Effect” -> “Change Tempo”
  • Enter a desired percentage value or use the slider below it
  • If you have an exact time specification, you can also enter it directly at the bottom of the page
  • Done!
  • Note: The more you accelerate, the more sound parts will be lost. Small accelerations can make sense, big ones usually don’t

As you can see, this function is more than self-explanatory. You can quickly and easily decide whether you want to play your audio track in Audacity faster or slower or, for example, only set half speed. In any case, you should not set the speed too high, otherwise a lot of data will be swallowed and you may no longer recognize the original audio track. We recommend that you just try it out a little. Good luck!

Video tutorial:

coming soon

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