Audacity Lion Roar | Tutorial

Audacity Lion Roar

Audacity Lion Roar | Tutorial

Some of our posts may not be of the greatest use, but they are quite entertaining. This is also the case with this contribution. Time and again, we find exciting solutions to problems that don’t really have any. But if you’ve ever wondered how to create lion roar in Audacity, you’ve come to the right place. Actually, we just found the topic exciting because you can create a great result with such a simple recording. So if you want to make some coffee before recording, go for it. When the water boils, you’ve already recorded and edited the lion’s roar!

This is how easy it is to create lion roars in Audacity:

The effect is probably best when you are a little sick, but it also works that way. The basis for the lion roar is a cough from you. It is good if it is not completely superficial. Therefore, if you have a scratchy throat, this is definitely an advantage. However, you will also notice this if you coughed too superficially at the first attempt.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Start recording in Audacity and record a cough (the more phlegmy the better
  • Go to “Effect” -> “Change Speed”
  • Set a change of -75% and click OK
  • Done!

We hope we didn’t promise too much, but we were impressed ourselves when we found this trick, with how little you can get a pretty authentic roar. The original can never be topped, but for those who like to simply create some simple effects for their videos, this is probably very suitable! We hope you enjoyed it and wish you good luck with your Audacity projects!

Video tutorial:

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