Audacity increase volume / volume leveling | Tutorial

Audacity increase volume

Audacity increase volume / volume leveling

Audacity is a great free audio editing program. You can adjust the volume in Audacity to match the level of other places in addition to your own recordings. For example, if the volume of a microphone is too low, it is easy to increase the volume in Audacity. A fade out or fade in effect is also possible, but we would rather explain it to you in another place. With this article we would like to focus on changing whole areas so that you can lower the volume in Audacity or mute it completely. Especially with longer recordings you can easily cut out wrongly recorded parts or even a breath. This is also how we produce our own audio recordings, so we can recommend this procedure to you in any case. It is best to just try it out. With a little time comes routine and therefore a fast working method.

Changing volume is not the same as adjusting volume:

You may have been looking for a way to adjust the volume in Audacity so that quiet parts get louder and loud parts get quieter. But this works a bit differently than described here (or would be very complicated with this method). However, Audacity has an equalizer function that can be used to adjust the volume of your entire audio track, so that you can adjust the volume of Audacity in a few seconds, even for long recordings. A suitable tutorial will be linked soon.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Load your recording into Audacity
  • Select the selection tool (usually to the right of the record button)
  • Select the range that is too loud or too quiet
  • Go to “Effect” -> Amplify
  • Move the slider individually according to your requirements. The gain above the slider shows you whether you are currently making the track louder or softer and how far you are above the original value
  • For example, if you want to make a section completely silent, just move the slider to the left
  • Done!

Note: If you use this effect often, it is worthwhile to store a hotkey (e.g. F8) for “Amplify” to shorten the way to the effects menu. This works like this!

  • Click on “Edit” -> Settings (or CTRL+P)
  • Select “Keyboard” on the left
  • Search the command “Amplify”
  • Select the input field below and press the key to be used as hotkey
  • Afterwards press “Apply” and OK
  • Done!

It’s that simple! Probably you will be able to use Audacity to reduce the volume better than if you want to increase the volume. This is also due to the fact that otherwise a background noise will quickly be mixed in, which no longer sounds nice. So you should keep in mind that you can change the volume with Audacity, but you should still make sure you get the best possible recording quality. Because even audio editing does not make magic possible. And now have fun and success with serve audio projects!

Video tutorial:

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