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Audacity Ghost Voice

Audacity Ghost Voice

In other tutorials we have already shown how you can create a Darth Vader voice or a demon voice in Audacity. Of course, you can’t miss a ghost voice in Audacity. Here we have again used typical “clichés” that are associated with a ghost voice. Because as negative as it sounds. If you stick to the usual standards, you will get exactly the result you want in the end, because it sounds so similar to movies or series. From there, we hope that you will like the result.

Here’s what you need to watch out for with a ghost voice in Audacity:

We focused primarily on one feature of our ghost voice. Before our ghost actually says anything, you can already hear a reverb hinting at the words. The reverb is inverted, so to speak, and comes before the actual pronunciation. Since there is no such thing in nature, of course, this seems supernatural and can be used very well for such purposes. Just by using little tricks like this, you can create a ghostly voice in Audacity.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Record your voice in Audacity
  • Make sure to leave 1-2 seconds free before and after your recordings
  • Mark the audio track and go to “Effects” -> “Reverse”
  • Go to “Effect” -> “Reverb”
  • Set the effect as follows:
  • Reverse the audio track again with “Effects” -> “Reverse”
  • If your sound overloads now you can reduce the volume with “Effects” -> “Normalize
  • Adjust the reverb under “Effects” -> “Delay” as shown in the picture:
  • Done!

As you can see, it’s not difficult at all to create a suitable Audacity ghost voice. As always, preparation and basic consideration is important so that the project can succeed even as a beginner. If you want more tips around Audacity, let us know on Youtube. We are happy to produce more tutorials for our community!

Video tutorial:

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