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Audacity Demon Voice

Audacity Demon Voice

Audacity offers many different ways to edit your voice. For example, we have already shown in another article how you can create a Darth Vader voice in Audacity. But this is by far not all. Today we’re going to look at what basic techniques you can use to create a demon voice in Audacity. This is actually not difficult at all. We’ll use the standards that we know from television, which have often shaped our own thinking and guidelines.

How to create a demon voice in Audacity:

What exactly is important for a Audacity demon voice? In TV, it is mainly that the voice is divided into different heights. So a demon has these at the same time. However, the original voice pitch is not lost. So, in addition to the original, we have to add others, which are often deeper and sound very bassy. With this simple default, an advanced user of Audacity can already get started. For all beginners, here is now a detailed tutorial.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Start Audacity and record your voice
  • Go to “Tracks” -> Add new-> “Stereo track” (2x). Copy your record in both tracks
  • Set the volume of the upper track to -3 dB and the lower track to +3 dB
  • Select the middle audio track, go to “Effect” -> “Change pitch”. Set the frequency to -8 percent
  • Repeat the step for the lower track, but select -18 percent (the values are not fixed, so feel free to experiment with them)
  • Select the middle track and now go to “Effect” -> “Equalizer” and adjust the graphics as shown in this picture:
  • Repeat this step for the lower sound track
  • Done!

With these simple steps you can make your own voice demonic in Audacity. Actually, not difficult at all, especially if you get the current guidelines for it from TV. Of course, it’s not set in stone. Feel free to experiment with high tones and frequencies or use the knowledge from our ghost voices tutorial. There is still a lot you can change. We wish you much success and of course: fun!

Video tutorial:

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