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Audacity Change Pitch

Audacity Change Pitch

Whether you have changed the speed and now want to change pitch in Audacity, or whether you want to change the pitch in Audacity independently – the free audio editing program offers you all the necessary means. Above all, it should be emphasized that you can change the pitch in Audacity without adjusting the speed and the two processes can thus be separated very well. With these options you can equalize the pitch in Audacity if two audio parts are not the same.

How to change pitch in Audacity

Well, the reason always lies with the person doing the editing. But a suitable example would definitely be if you want to realize a robot voice in Audacity, for example. We have already published an article that shows this quite well. So if you also have this wish, then just have a look. Otherwise, there is also the well-known “Chipmunk” voice, which can be implemented exactly with such means. But that is probably a matter of taste.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • First load your recording into Audacity
  • Select the range you want to change
  • Go to “Effect” -> Change pitch
  • In the effect window you can do pitch via semitone steps or at the bottom via the change in percent. You can also change the pitch by moving the slider
  • At this point, it’s best to try around a bit to find the perfect pitch for you.
  • his is easy to do by clicking on “Audition” in the lower left corner
  • If you are satisfied with your selection press OK
  • Done!

Changing the pitch in Audacity is very easy once you understand how it works. We hope that this article has helped you and that you can now use the effect for your own projects. If you should publish something, then write us also Youtube a comment. We always like to visit you to see the result of our contributions and your work. But now have fun and good luck with all your projects!

Video tutorial:

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