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Audacity Change Language

Audacity Change Language

Sometimes we also wonder how this can happen, but there are always reports that the language in Audacity has changed. So we just want to offer a quick solution how to change the language in Audacity. And don’t worry: even if the program is running in Russian, you can reset it using the instructions or at least the points shown in the video. In addition, there is one more important note that you should keep in mind when editing and changing the language.

Audacity language is linked to shortcuts:

Some time ago we also started using Audacity in English. In the process, we noticed one thing: All shortcuts are gone. These are always bound to the respective language. The reason is simple. Standard shortcuts are often bound to the name of the effect in the respective language. So of course these are different from region to region and this overlap would be critical when changing. Therefore you have to reassign the shortcuts for a different language.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Start Audacity
  • Click on the “Edit” tab -> Settings
  • Switch to the “Interface” tab
  • Select another language and press OK
  • Done!

As you can see, the conversion is quite simple! We hope to have helped you with this and we also appreciate your visit on Youtube. This way you can learn a lot more about Audacity and audio editing. So feel free to visit us! And now have fun with your projects!

Video tutorial:

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