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Audacity Censor Beep

Audacity Censor Beep

You may have wondered how to create that censor beep in Audacity that ou know especially from American talk shows. It’s really quite simple and can be used either as a single effect or if you want to censor a piece of audio. Where perhaps a swear word has been dropped. With the right frequency, you could also use the effect as a phone ring that a caller hears. What other effects are in the range of telephone ringing, we have already explained in more detail in the article “Create telephone sound”. Have a look here, too, if you need it!

This is especially important in audio censorship:

When you try the effect for the first time, you may notice that it can be incredibly loud. But with time you will develop a feeling for the spectrum in which you have to set the appropriate volume so that the beep sound doesn’t knock your socks off. Also for your listeners, make sure that the sound is quieter than the rest of the audio track. Even at lower volumes, such a sound is more intense than, for example, in a normal conversation.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Select in Audacity the area you want to censor
  • Go to “Generate” -> “Tone”
  • Select “Sine” as wave
  • Set the frequency to 1000
  • Adjust the amplitude so that it is a bit quieter than the rest of your audio track (you can read this in the left margin). Normally the value is between 0,3 and 0,7
  • Done!

Now you know how to create a beep sound in just a few steps, whether you want to censor audio or not. We hope you enjoyed this article. If in doubt, check out other Audacity tutorials to deepen your knowledge even more. We wish you a lot of success with your projects and hope that you will present them to us on Youtube or on TV someday. Have fun!

Video tutorial:

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