The Binding of Isaac Rebirth won’t launch | Tutorial

The Binding of Isaac Rebirth won't launch

The Binding of Isaac Rebirth won’t launch

Nothing is worse than when you want to play and it doesn’t work for some reason. Today we’ll show you how to solve the problem when The Binding of Isaac Rebirth won’t launch. Likewise, it may start initially but then crash. This often has a very specific reason, which we would like to look into a bit more today. If you have problems with this, this is the right article for you. If you still have problems, you can also find a series of Steam tutorials that deal with game errors and can therefore also help you, although we do not deal with any specific game.

The Binding of Isaac is no longer working. Here’s what you can do:

Often the whole thing is so frustrating that you don’t feel like doing it anymore. Unfortunately, this is the wrong approach and was also one of the reasons why we dealt with the topic of tutorials in the first place. With simple solutions, the problem can often be solved in a few minutes without having to do any research yourself. Therefore: Stay patient and everything will be fine! We’ll get TBOI working again!

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Go to your local disk (normally C:) -> Programs(x86) -> Steam -> SteamApps -> common
  • Delete your The Binding of Isaac folder completely from here
  • Go to the Control Panel and uninstall The Binding of Isaac now
  • Reinstall the game in Steam
  • small hint why this works: If you just uninstall the game, the folder (with its errors) will remain. Only by deleting the folder the data will be recreated
  • Done!

We hope to have helped you with this little article. If you have friends with a similar problem, just send them over or link our article directly so they don’t have to search. We are happy about every visitor we can help. And now have fun playing The Binding of Isaac!

Video tutorial:

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