Separate audio from video in Premiere | Tutorial

Separate audio from video Premiere

Separate audio from video in Premiere

Adobe Premiere now offers not only many effects for videos, but also for the audio track. For example, you can also use Adobe Premiere to insert audio fade out to have an elegant ending to your own audio track. For this, however, it can be useful to separate audio from video in Premiere, as this makes editing much easier. It is not uncommon to have some effects on the video track as well, so otherwise this can become very confusing. In addition, this feature can often be used to fix a known recording error where the audio and video are slightly offset and you simply move the audio track forward or backward a bit accordingly. So in many cases it can make sense to separate video and audio in Adobe Premiere. For whom therefore in Adobe Premiere audio runs asynchronously, is well advised with this!

Audio track is noisy? Then simply extract it!

This approach has another advantage: if you can separate video and audio in Adobe Premiere Pro, you can also edit the audio track individually in other programs such as Audacity. For example, if you have noise, it’s much easier to edit it in Audacity, which is designed exclusively for audio editing and can offer more features.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Create a sequence in Adobe Premiere
  • First drag your clip into the sequence in Adobe Premiere
  • Right click on your video track
  • Select “Unlink”
  • Now you can delete either track if you wish, or move them around until everything fit
  • Done!

With this simple trick you can fix your audio problems or just add more effects independent of the video track. So even if you’re just doing normal work, it can be worth separating audio and video in Adobe Premiere. by the way, we’ve already shown you how to add fade out in Adobe Premiere. So feel free to take a look! And now good luck with your video productions.

Video tutorial:

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