How to edit audio in Premiere | Tutorial

How to edit audio in Premiere

How to edit audio in Premiere

Create great videos with Adobe Premiere Pro. In addition, you can also, for example, your own voice or music. A good mixing is important . Therefore, we would like to show you how to edit audio in Premiere and get a well-balanced sound. For example, Adobe Premiere Audio can have a fade out or fade in, so that other sounds or your own voice can be brought to bear. In Adobe Premiere it is not difficult to edit the volume in the track and thus provide for different volumes. As always, you just have to know how it works. In the end, Adobe Premiere volume adjustment works almost the same way as the use of animations, except that in this case they are not visual. So if you understand the theory, you will be able to do the whole thing in a few seconds.

How to adjust audio in Premiere:

Of course, you could also simply cut the audio track if you want to reduce the sound for a short time or switch it off completely in Adobe Premiere. Often a transition is the more elegant solution, especially if the sound is continuous. And with the right knowledge, Fade In and Fade Out in Adobe Premiere can be used just as quickly as cutting the tracks. Moreover, it is also important for a future professional (like you) to know new functions so that you can work flexibly later and make better and better videos. So have a look!

Step-by-step instructions:

A simple but inelegant method is to cut the audio track:

  • In Adobe Premiere, select the appropriate point where the volume change begins
  • Click “C” for the cutting tool and cut the audio track
  • Now cut at the end of the track
  • Right-click on the audio track and click on “Audio Gain”
  • At “Adjust gain” you can now change the volume (also negative)

For a smooth transition with Fade Out and Fade In, proceed as described below:

  • Select the starting point of your change on the audio track
  • On the left, before your audio track, you can add a keyframe
  • Set a second keyframe where the volume changes should be completed
  • Note: The shorter the distance between these two keyframes, the faster the volume changes (and vice versa)
  • Now select another keyframe at the point where you want your volume to increase again
  • Now as last a keyframe, where the change is finished
  • You should now have 4 keyframes (2 left and 2 right)
  • Now drag the audio slider (a thin line between your stereo tracks) in the desired direction
  • You will see that your transitions will now form themselves if you have set the keyframes correctly
  • Done!

We hope that the video helped you. If you are looking for more tips and tutorials, check out the one or other Adobe Premiere Tutorial that is available here. This will certainly help you to make a big step forward in video editing. If you have any further questions, just write us on Youtube, so that we can help you quickly and easily!

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